Gabrielle Powell | Basket Maker 
Handmade | Recycled | Upcycled | Cobargo NSW

Always recycled Always handmade


I was born to a long line of makers of things. Many generations of makers: a boot maker, cabinetmaker, painter, jeweller, ceramicist, basket maker, crafty stitcher and photographer. I value the practice of stitched coiling for its meditative qualities. I like to stitch the thoughts of each day into my pieces.

I have a life long love with ceramics and decorating. I am drawn to pass hours with painted design and to use colour to decorate my ceramics. I make bright cheery sturdy pots for everyday use. 


Since a kid I have been an active recycler and scavenger. I collect and reuse stuff from fabric, Venetians to chairs, electrical wire and cables. I like to keep re-using items rather than see them end up in our landfill. I enjoy making useful strong baskets that will last a life time. 


I am based in Cobargo on the Far South Coast of NSW and originally trained in Ceramics at the ANU School of Art.