Gabrielle Powell | Maker 
Handmade Cobargo NSW

The craft of making beautiful basketry and ceramics are both humble occupations and they are amongst the oldest crafts practised around the world. For me it's all about the making, creating, weaving and stitching of each product to produce original quality pieces that are a joy to live with. 

In 1985 I completed BA Visual Art - ceramics. I established Bandicoot Pottery on the outskirts of Cobargo with my partner Daniel Lafferty. We worked together in partnership for many years - Daniel throwing pots and I was the decorator.


I have a lifelong love of ceramics. I am drawn to pass hours with painted design and to use colour to brighten my wares. I make cheery sturdy pots for everyday use. 

In 2005 I changed my work with enthusiasm to textiles and basketry, inspired to make baskets professionally. For me, basketry is a therapeutic unwind from my busy work life as a community welfare worker. I enjoy experimenting and developing my skills along the way.

I like the challenge of making baskets out of unconventional materials such as tubing, cabling, plastic and wire. Recycling materials that would normally be discarded and transforming them into new products. Recycling is important to me as it helps conserve important raw materials for the future. I enjoy making useful strong baskets that will last a lifetime. 

Gabrielle Powell 2021