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The craft of making beautiful basketry is a humble occupation and it is one of the oldest crafts practised by women around the world.

Since 2005 I have moved away from ceramics with enthusiasm into textiles and basketry, inspired to make baskets professionally. For me, basketry is a therapeutic un-wind from my busy work life as a community welfare worker. I stitch the thoughts of each day into my baskets and enjoy experimenting and developing my skills along the way.

The foundation of the new form is the base and the start of shaping with decorative stitching; a repetitive pattern of diagonal lines. The structure of the baskets is visible; each stitch forms the surface texture combined with colours give the basket character. The most vulnerable part the rim as it is subject to wear and tear and a place to fasten off loose ends. For me lids are a symbol of keeping things private and safe as well as decorative.

I am an active scavenger, bringing things home from the tip, holidays or collecting useful treasures to incorporate into my next basket. I like the challenge of making baskets out of unconventional materials such as tubing, cabling, plastic, wire; recycling materials that would normally be discarded.

Gabrielle Powell

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