Gabrielle Powell | Maker 

Handmade Cobargo NSW

I am a maker. I was born into many generations of creators: a boot maker, cabinetmaker, painter, jeweller, ceramicist, basket maker, crafty stitcher and photographer. I value the practice of contemplative stitching and hours of painting for its meditative qualities. I like to put the thoughts of each day into my pieces.

Every piece I make is totally unique and handmade. Handmade is a genuine and authentic representation - made by hand.  Each stitch and twist of wire is made by my hands. When you buy my handmade items, you are buying a commitment to authenticity and a guarantee that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

I am based in Cobargo on the Far South Coast of NSW and originally trained in Ceramics at the ANU School of Art. I share my studio with my partner Daniel Lafferty at Bandicoot Pottery. Open hours are irregular so it best to contact us ahead of time if you planning a visit. 


Please email me for more information.

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