Woven Bowl Basket recycled cable wire 35W cm x 22H cm


This woven Blaze Basket is a unique bright woven wire basket. I value stitching for its meditative qualities, sewing thoughts into my pieces. 2020 has been a year of processing - commencing with fighting the ferocious wild fire blaze at 4am NYE to save my house. Blaze Basket is made of recycled Telstra wire which was burnt in the NYE fires in Moruya which are woven together. I am an active recycler and scavenger.


I collect and reuse stuff such as electrical wire and cables. I like to keep re-using items rather than see them end up in landfill. Made of recycled wire woven and is strong and very sturdy - it will last a lifetime!


This is 100% recycled cable that would of end up in landfill. My items are made from simple, good quality 100% recycled materials and handmade with love and passion. Got to love that! I recycle upcycle where possible. With each item I make a small step to reducing our waste and helping our earth. I love to stitch, sew, paint, make baskets and ceramics - creating unique wares in Cobargo NSW.

Bowl Basket - woven

  • size 28 Wcm x 20 Hcm