Two bedside recycled lights are a unique piece for your bedroom aor can shine a special light into your living space. It is made of recycled cable, plastic and wire and is strong and very sturdy - it will last a lifetime! This is 100% recycled cable that would of end up in landfill. These were gifted from a friend who was goign to throw them out because they had a hole in the shade. 


My items are made from simple, good quality 100% recycled materials and handmade with love and passion. Got to love that!  I recycle upcycle where possible. With each item, I make a small step to reducing our waste and helpnig our earth. I love to stitch, sew, paint, make baskets and ceramics - creating unique wares in Cobargo NSW. 

Bedside Light I & II - recycled cable, wire 15W cm x 22 H cm

  • size 15 Wcm x 22 Hcm