Empty Nest II - hoop pine bark 15 W cm x 10 H cm


This Empty Nest was inspired and made for the Me Hear Now International Women's Exhibition 2020. The Empty Nest is a feeling of loneliness by mothers when their children leave home for the first time or actually a feeling of joy to have the house all to yourself! More of an ordament for putting small treasurers in. 


My items are made from simple, good quality 100% recycled materials and handmade with love and passion. Got to love that!  I recycle upcycle where possible. With each item, I make a small step to reducing our waste and helping our earth. I love to stitch, sew, paint, make baskets and ceramics - creating unique wares in Cobargo NSW. 

Empty Nest II

  • size 15 Wcm x 10 Hcm