Industry Versus Nature II - recycled Venetians & red hot pokers 30 W cm x 14 Hcm


This Industry Versus Nature basket was created for the Place and Identity exhibition to demonstrate the ongong fight for the earth and the conserquences of climate change being felt throughout the world. It is made of recycled venetians - there are so many of those! I am trying to think up good ways to use them up!! 100% recycled. My items are made from simple, good quality 100% recycled materials and handmade with love and passion. Got to love that! I recycle upcycle where possible. With each item, I make a small step to reducing our waste and helping our earth. I love to stitch, sew, paint, make baskets and ceramics - creating unique wares in Cobargo NSW.

Industry Versus Nature II

  • size 30 Wcm x 14 Hcm