Print 45 Wcm x 35 Hcm

Printmaking is a special process which reveals its special qualities as you take the art work to the press. Solarplate Printmaking is a simple approach to relief printing. Solarplate is a prepared, light-sensitive polymer surface on a steel backing to produce fine prints. I have found printmaking with solarplate an exciting and spontaneous adventure. I have used printmaking over my career to develop new work.


My Place & Identity print was completed as a part of the Place & Identity Project that I coordinated for Spiral Gallery 2019. This work was created in September 2019 - the view from my house was this big dead tree where the birds sit and sing. It is combined with stacks of pottery - a memory of how our studio was prior to NYE Fires. This work is unframed and printed on Fabrano thick parchment paper.

Place & Identity Print

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