Scarf II- hand spun alpaca wool mix 220 L cm x 9.5 W cm


I love knitting scarves so when the weather turns cold, bundle up in a wool scarf. You need a scarf!


My items are made from simple, good quality 100% recycled materials and handmade with love and passion. Got to love that! I recycle upcycle where possible. With each item I make a small step to reducing our waste and helping our earth. I love to knit, stitch, sew, paint, make baskets and ceramics - creating unique wares in Cobargo NSW.

Scarf II- hand spun alpaca

  • I love supporting the Cobargo Post Office team so I only post within Australia. I can add insurance if you wish and all items will have the cost of packaging and postage added. Please let me know if you need special shipping arrangements.